Director's Statement

Mary Ellen Goeke, Executive Director of FotoFocus; Photo by Jacob Drabik

The FotoFocus Biennial launched in 2012 to present a month-long celebration of photography and lens-based art in Cincinnati, Ohio. Then as now, the Biennial reflects a greater mission dedicated to sponsoring institutions as they produce photography exhibitions and events which are both artistically and intellectually engaging as well as enriching to a large and diverse public. With FotoFocus Biennial 2014, curators, artists, art professionals and supporters from all across the country and around the world are now converging to celebrate in Cincinnati. It’s a proud moment for us to help nurture a growing art scene and to be part of the international conversation about contemporary photography and film.

Kevin Moore Curates FotoFocus Biennial 2014 

For our second edition, we welcome Kevin Moore as the first Artistic Director to lead the way in curating FotoFocus Featured Exhibitions. I first met Kevin in 2010, when he curated Starburst: Color Photography in America 1970–1980 at the Cincinnati Art Museum. What immediately impressed me was his curatorial direction. Kevin brings with him vast experience as an independent photography curator, writer and teacher based in New York. For this Biennial Kevin has curated six exhibitions that are at the core of the Biennial programming organized around a unifying theme — Photography in Dialogue.

The goal in developing FotoFocus Biennial 2014 has been to plan exhibitions and programming that will be accessible, even geographically. Consequently, this Biennial 2014 will center around Cincinnati’s Washington Parkand the elegant turn-of-the century Memorial Hall in the historic Over-the-Rhine neighborhood, at the heart of Downtown Cincinnati. Architect José Garcia's  design of the Art Hub,  a temporary pavilion, is to act as the symbolic center of the Biennial and contain events and activity, including the Instagram-centered exhibition, FotoGram@Art Hub.

50+ Participating Venues

But the October-long celebration of photography and lens-based art goes beyond the Washington Park and Over-the-Rhine perimeter. The FotoFocus Biennial also partners with many educational and arts organizations in the region, as part of its mission to sponsor institutions for photography exhibitions and events that are artistically and intellectually engaging and enriching to a large and diverse public.

These partners — over 50 regional venues, including the Contemporary Arts Center, the Taft Museum of Art and the Cincinnati Art Museum — have participated with time, attention and expertise. These Participating Venues are museums, universities, cultural centers and galleries which all have contributed to making this FotoFocus Biennial a success.

Together, FotoFocus organizers, staff and partner venues all believe that FotoFocus offers the visitor boundless sights and insights with FotoFocus-sponsored exhibitions — the work of countless artists from the national and international stage — as well as events and programs for education, reflection and enjoyment. On behalf of FotoFocus, I hope you find this second photo-centered celebration a truly fulfilling and entertaining experience.

Mary Ellen Goeke
Executive Director
FotoFocus Biennial 2014