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Sister Yosemite (2010), Charlie Engman, 2014, 16" × 24"

Charlie Engman

Oct. 16, 2014 – Nov. 20, 2014
Wed–Sat:11 am–5 pm

A piercing intellect, keen wit and a precise eye informs the work of photographer Charlie Engman. The human body and its gestures — energetic, alive, frozen in movement, contorted, bifurcated, moldable — in a setting of texture and color are part and parcel of his artistry. Although Mr. Engman is known primarily for fashion photography, he makes little distinction between fashion work, styling work and personal work, noting that any “styled” image of malleable material could be considered within the realm of fashion. Some of his most interesting material is a provocative body of work featuring his mother and muse, Kathleen McCain Engman. Mr. Engman admits that it is his personal state of high anxiety and absolute willingness to “walk on the wild side” that propel him into a peculiar and fresh new world.

In January 2014, Mr. Engman was named as a “photographer to watch” by both the British Journal of Photography and Photo District News (PDN). His work is in featured in an array of trending and traditional publications, including, I-D, Tank, AnOther, Metal, Jalouse, Vogue and Bloomberg Business Week. His impressive portfolio holds such distinguished brands as C'N'C Costume International, Eastpak, Kenzo, Sonia Rykiel and Urban Outfitters. The prolific Mr. Engman is also co-director of a Gem Club’s video for the track “Polly” and has published FIELD (Hard Workers Club Press, 2011) and Flounder (Pau Wau Publications, 2013). Charlie Engman is from Chicago and studied Japanese at the University of Oxford. The consultant for the exhibition is Una-Kariim A. Cross (unakariim), a writer, educator and artist whose writing is widely published on sites for Ebony, Global Grind and The Huffington Post with educational ties to the University of Cincinnati.

Mr. Engman’s photography is installed in memory of Jay Ott, a distinguished fashion alumnus of the University of Cincinnati’s DAAP College.


Oct. 16, 2014
Phyllis Weston Gallery, 2005 1/2 Madison Road | Cincinnati, OH 45208

The Opening Reception for the exhibition of work by Charlie Engman is on Thursday, October 16, from 6 to 8 pm.